Reciprocal Medicine

I was supposed to be camping off the grid in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park this past weekend, and had intended to hold the Earth Exchange there. However, I was so depleted from an incredibly demanding [...]

Treephilia 2021

I spent a while exploring the area, appreciating its beauty and feeling grief about its imminent destruction. I then gently gathered the items for my bird and created him in a place where some leveling [...]

Chestnut Horse Tail

I have a love/hate relationship with my backyard, which is admittedly "overgrown" with what some would call weeds & small trees. It is also beautiful in terms of being a shady green space. I do [...]

River Bird

Standing on the banks of the lower Savannah/Westobou River right below the Houlihan Bridge at the public boat ramp, looking southeast I stand with Ernie by my side pondering the enormous industrial cranes of the [...]

Attending to Nature’s Call

15 members of Tree of Life Community met as  a wounded place.  Since covid, our vibrant, thriving spiritual community feels as if it has been clear-cut.  Just prior to the shut-down we were a growing [...]


This year’s story: I found this sign in a shop and found it amusing as I work mainly as a massage therapist and this seemed appropriate and funny. By now, a few months later and [...]


This year I am acutely aware that what I was called to do was heal my relationships with the people I am judging to have wounded the land. This became an uncomfortable practice as I [...]

Gratitude for nature’s spaces

Louise and I decided to give gratitude to our nature spaces (Louise’s balcony and my garden ) that nurtured us through lockdown. We each spent time there at the weekend, reflecting and being with the [...]

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