History’s River

The river Orontes passes through Antakya (Antioch) City that has a rooted history from Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods to Ottoman Empire, French mandate and Turkish Republic times. While the river is the reasoning of [...]

Gratitude and Relationship

Two days prior to Global Earth Exchange I hiked around the Sandy River near Dodge Park (Oregon) to consider the best way to show appreciation and honor this area. I took pictures of graffiti and [...]

Peace at Piscataway Park

We were surrounded by dragonflies, cicadas, and the sweet smells of pollinating plants as we wandered through the tree-shaded trails of Piscataway Park. As always, the water drew us. The shoreline was scattered with driftwood [...]

Sand dune healing

The exchange was enacted at a place where vehicles have torn up the landscape, destroying stability and biodiversity for military practice. Giving the gift of the colour organge for healing trauma, I created a mandala [...]

in wildness we trust

aware that our waters are threatened by acidification, climate change, careless dumping of toxins and runoff from fertilizers I offered a blessing...that we as humans remember our place on earth, as stewards and earth keepers. [...]

Treephilia 2021

I spent a while exploring the area, appreciating its beauty and feeling grief about its imminent destruction. I then gently gathered the items for my bird and created him in a place where some leveling [...]

River Bird

Standing on the banks of the lower Savannah/Westobou River right below the Houlihan Bridge at the public boat ramp, looking southeast I stand with Ernie by my side pondering the enormous industrial cranes of the [...]

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