Uranium dumps in France

An eye of golden broom flower lay right at the junction of two paths. One path leading around a flooded river valley and the other to an old uranium mine. Hot and dusty, we began [...]

An Act of Radical Survival

Rediscovering wounded places through attention and gifts of beauty is an act of radical survival. There are hurt places all over the Earth and in all our lives. Your hurt place might be a field [...]


This year I am acutely aware that what I was called to do was heal my relationships with the people I am judging to have wounded the land. This became an uncomfortable practice as I [...]

Honoring Healing Waters

We met in the early morning on the summer solstice at the river.  Our group included elders, parents and children.  Together we created a ceremony where all participants added to our communal offering to acknowledge, [...]

Radical Joy

This year’s Global Earth Exchange found me in a beautiful place in West Virginia—Dolly Sods Wilderness Area—a place once deeply wounded, but now transformed by loving intentions and nature’s resilience. I’ve been returning there whenever [...]

Lake Superior Earth Exchange

It was a beautiful, sunny day with powerful winds on Wisconsin Point Beach in Superior, WI. The waves crashed to shore with great strength speaking of the power inherent in Gichi-gami. The 2019 Lake Superior [...]

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