Linden Tree Stump Medicine

Anne, John, Medicine Buddha & many others are saving—from devastation of proposed concrete and steel production plant—Onteora Lake, Pickerel Pond, extraordinary wildlife, Bluestone wild forest in Kingston, NY, with the help of Linden tree stump [...]

What’s in the Dirt?

There are so many things I love about this story: (1) It's about dirt, Georgia red clay, specifically, and it's both a discovery and a kind of love story, (2) It was written by someone [...]

I walked to the fields where my sister, her two kids and I had done a Global Earth Exchange in 2015. These fields had been in my family for five generations and now a cousin [...]

What’s in the Dirt?

I have lived in this new townhome development since last October, 2020. Since it's a community still under construction, I have borne witness to how devastating a construction zone can be on the surrounding environment. [...]

Earth Listening ~ Earth Sandwich

Members of the Deep Adaptation Earth Listening Circle, who live around the world and meet weekly on Zoom, created an "Earth Sandwich" together. The idea is that people in different places on the globe are [...]

For Bluestone Wild Forest

We created our Global Earth Exchange on the border of a parcel of land on which there is a proposed manufacturing facility that will produce steel and precast concrete bridge decking. The proposed factory is [...]

From Abandoned to Grateful

This hospital sits idle in my town and as a result, the medical care is also idle. We have a small clinic now, but this is a rural area in Nevada and resources are limited. [...]

Treephilia 2021

I spent a while exploring the area, appreciating its beauty and feeling grief about its imminent destruction. I then gently gathered the items for my bird and created him in a place where some leveling [...]

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