Earth Listening ~ Earth Sandwich

Members of the Deep Adaptation Earth Listening Circle, who live around the world and meet weekly on Zoom, created an "Earth Sandwich" together. The idea is that people in different places on the globe are [...]

The Farm

From my window on the world, 2020 bleeding into 2021, has been a time of incalculable losses across the globe and personally.  A combination of a pandemic and politics gone-wild has stressed us in ways [...]

College Students on Dredged Land

Every Spring semester, I teach a course called Climate Change Communication. The material is fascinating but, at times, tough and discouraging. Often my students come to the class hoping that there is a secret formula [...]


This year’s story: I found this sign in a shop and found it amusing as I work mainly as a massage therapist and this seemed appropriate and funny. By now, a few months later and [...]

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