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Radical Joy for Hard Times is proud to partner with Unity Earth on an ambitious project, World Unity Week, an experience on connectedness through technology unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

From June 20-27, World Unity Week will be hosting many different “rooms” or “stages” on Zoom. You can click on thematic experiences, listen to music, hear inspiring speeches, dance, discuss, etc. Along with the acclaimed group, Good Grief Network, RadJoy is hosting one of these “stages,” to be called Radical Joy & Good Grief. For six hours on June 22, 23, and 24 (and possibly the 25th as well), we will feature a variety of approaches to this important and engaging subject. For example:

  • Trebbe Johnson on the RadJoy Practice of going to wounded places to find and make beauty
  • Glenn Albrecht, Australian philosopher who coined the term solastalgia
  • a discussion between LaUra Schmidt and Aimee Reau of Good Grief Network and Trebbe about the importance of making room in our lives for both grief and joy
  • dance
  • a talk by writer and climate thinking Carolyn Baker
  • Good Grief Network’s 10-Step Program
  • a conversation with David Powless, Oneida, who planted the seed that became Radical Joy for Hard Times
  • Dr. Marty Casey, St. Louis Regional Network leader for the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainmenton, on “UnGUN the Trauma”

And our closing “Harvest Gathering” at noon EDT will be featured live on the main stage of World Unity Week!

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