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Kelowna, BC, Canada

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My name is Time

I represent an awakening, an arising, an arousal. I encourage a state of health, wealth and vitality. I become that which I think, visualize and fèel.
My question is, Who does My Time belong to? I say that again.
Who does My Time belong to?
If my thoughts began racing to him, and her and them, my boss, my mother, my father, then it is time to return to my own body.
To breath deeply, center my thoughts upon myself, as my time belongs only to me. My time here on planet earth, with you, is my own.
Thyme Eternity

She was exhilarated from the support she received and stepped forth into the unknown.

In 2017, I had first heard of The Global Earth Exchange and Trebbe Johnson’s Radical Joy for Hard Times. Trebbes passion shot a colorful rainbow of light and hope into my heart.
You see, for a few years before this introduction, I had been crying out to God, the Universe and Humans to uncover who is taking our people from the planet and where they are now. My heart was so very overwhelmed with the questions and the search for The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.
I longed to know and wanted to somehow give back to the First Nations People what the White Man had taken from them, so many moons ago. I felt such agony and loss that it overcame me with a darkeness, a depression and an oppression that I could not seem to rise up from. No matter how much I prayed or who I spoke to, the dark cloud remained heavy upon my soul.
It occured to me to give back, quietly and humbly into the natural world of the woods. In 2017 I created a Warrior Woman out of the soil, wood, twigs and branches of Mother Earth, to Honour the Missing and Murdered Women and Girls. There she be on the Earth in all her glory. A few days later that week, a fire broke out around her and the forest burnt for months. When I was finally able to return to the area, all I could do was cry. The fear and overwhelm gripped me to the point of near death.
In 2018 my friend and I took over an abandoned garden and restored it to fèed the poeple of our community and to honour the mmiwg. I tried to upload a video and photos to The Global Earth Exchange Movement and nothing would work to get the message out at that time. I let it go to the wayside and focused on nurturing the garden and getting the food to the community.
Then, early this year I receieved an email from Trebbe to connect for this years Earth Exchange. I finally was able to share my story from 2017 and Trebbe offered me emotional and prayerful support from some members of her group. Her act of love was the catalyst for me to Be Brave and to go back to the burnt out  land and Create a New Warrior Woman which represents a Rising Up of Care, Strength, Courage and Dignity for myself,  Women and all of humanity for the purpose of growth, development and healing.
I cannot change the past, and on behalf of the White People who hurt and harmed the First Nations People, I am sorry for the tremendous loss that has taken place, to your people and the earth. My heart refills with love, hope and encouragement as I pour my heart and soul out for restoration of that which was taken from you, for reconciliation with you. I feel the loss, the sorrow, the longing for answers that never seem to come.
I leave with you now these photos of one of my most guttwrenching days in honour of Humanity Healing. In honour of The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. In honour of all those who have vanished from the face of this earth. In honour of The Global Earth Exchange and Radical Joy for Hard Times. Men, Women, children of this magnificent place I champion all of us to give, share and care one for the other. To allow the loss to be uplifed and for a Radical Joy to settle in amongst the sorrows, questions and answers that may never come.And still be bold enough to continue asking the questions. Leaving no stone unturned until the Truths are brought into the Light.
Always your servant to Humanity Healing
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Kelowna, BC, Canada


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