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2/27/17   Everything Depends on It—Even If No One Sees It
12/20/17   Christmas Trees Kindle “Home” in a Burned Place
12/13/17   High-Flying Beauty for a Wounded Woodland
12/6/17     In Honor of a Beloved Garden
11/29/17   Naming Those We’ve Lost
11/15/17   Fanciful Beauty for a Favorite Plane
11/8/17     Flying Dreams: Artists Balance Wound and Beauty
10/25/17   New Yorkers Toast 100 Years of Water
10/11/17   Practicing the Gaze
10/4/17    Surviving Hurricane Brain
9/20/17    A Pilgrimage to Dachau
9/13/17    Man Confronts Harvey with Stuffed Animals and Piano Music
9/6/17     An Elderberry Bush Copes with Hard Times
8/30/17   Anonymous Partners in Ceremony
8/23/17   I’ll Ride With You, and Other Acts of Kindness
8/16/17   Why, If There’s No Guarantee
8/9/17     Introducing the Flip-Flop Princess
8/2/17     Try to Praise the Mutilated World
7/26/17   Tools for Making Magic Anywhere
7/19/17    Beauty for a Wounded Homeland
7/12/17    The Man Who Makes Time to See Beauty
7/5/17      A cemetery is a place of beauty
6/21/17    For the Earth That Had Never Been Danced On
6/14/17    “I Stayed for the Place”
6/7/17      What Do You Do After the Bomb Explodes? You Garden.
5/31/17    Does Land Live? Can It Revive?
5/24/17    You’re Not Really Alone
5/17/17    The Power of the Story
5/10/17    Children’s Lovely Response to Their Friend’s New Leg
5/3/17      A Little Girl Jumped In
4/26/17    You’re Only the First Artist
4/19/17    New Sandy Hook School: A Place to Inspire
4/12/17    Neighbors in Solidarity Revive Christmas in February
4/5/17      “Part of That Earth”
3/29/17    Make Guerrilla Beauty
3/22/17    Water Protectors Leave Camp Singing
3/15/17    When You Can’t Help Liking the Wrong Thing
3/8/17      A Murmuration of Starlings
3/1/17      Welcome What May Not Arrive
2/22/17    The First Gift of Beauty
2/8/17      Climate Change Made Visible—And Surreal
2/1/17      Praise the Place You Love
1/25/17    Women Meet Fear with Fierceness
1/18/17    They Would Always Touch the Earth
1/11/17    Life itself is the bearer of sacredness
1/4/17      Tiny Concert for Hard Times


12/28/16  Winds are Worthy of Reverence
12/21/16  The Beast Moved by Wind
12/14/16  Beauty in the Burned Place
12/7/16    It’s an Inner Practice As Well
11/30/16  Art for Endangered Eagles
11/23/16  Who Will Cry for the Thylacine?
11/16/16  Today Make Sneaky Beauty
11/9/16    America Is a Wounded Place That Needs Some Beauty
11/2/16    RadJoy Is the Splash
10/26/16  Walking Water Traces Path of Vanished Rivers
10/19/16  “I Love Gasoline?”
10/12/16  What Do a Gardener, a Nurse, and a Duke Have in Common?
10/5/16    Breathe It In, Breathe It Out
9/28/16    “Crisis Will Shape You”
9/21/16    Cartwheels for  Clear-cut
9/14/16    Making “Making Beauty” Personal
9/7/16      Can Feelings Stick to a Place?
8/31/16    Your Existential Act
8/24/16    Five Simple Ways to Bring Beauty to Wounded Places
8/17/16    Beauty in a Burned Forest
8/10/16    Circulating the Gift
8/3/16      Flowers Power: Rethinking Detroit’s Abandoned Homes
7/27/16    War, Peace, and Wild Piglets
7/20/16    “We want Afghanistan to heal!”
7/13/16    Shovels from Guns
7/6/16      Vigil for a Clear-cut
6/29/16    Pinned to the Places We Love
6/2216     Loss, Despair… Hilarity
6/15/16    “Well, I believe those things”
6/8/16      5 Reasons You Might Say No, 6 Reasons Not to Worry
6/1/16      The Return of Sweet Memories
5/25/16    “I saw how simple action can be”
5/18/16    The Hinge of Sorrow and Joy
5/11/16    So the Country Won’t Change Me
5/4/16      Not Afraid and Not Too Late
4/27/16    Presence!
4/20/16    How Water Talks
4/13/16    What Good Does Making Beauty Do?
4/6/16      Children Show How to Treat a River
3/30/16    Living with the Unfixable
3/23/16    On Not Saving the World
3/16/16    All Stories Welcome
3/9/16      Complicated Beauty
3/2/16      Playing in Place
2/24/16    Gentle Request/Strong Outcome
2/17/16    The Ash Is the Medicine
2/10/16    Giving Back with Artistic Expression
2/3/16      Who Dares Approach—And Stay
1/27/16    The Beauty of Yarn-Bombing
1/20/16    From Pain to Beauty with The Ground Beneath Our Hearts
1/13/16    Joy, Not Happiness
1/6/16      New Year’s Revolution  


12/30/15  Music Made from Crisis
12/23/15  Merriness Even If You’re Not
12/16/15  Portrait of Your Tears
12/9/15    For Your Book List
12/2/15    Dene People Make Amends for Hiroshima
11/25/15  When Everything Goes Wrong
11/18/15  #ParisAttacks #MoreLove
11/11/15  The Question of Jack Rossi’s Bleeding Tree
11/4/15    Wendell Berry on the Revival of Home
10/28/15  Artwork Highlights Bleeding Tree
10/21/15  Hurricane Katrina Hero
10/14/15  The Buddha of Oakland
10/7/15    The Practice of Radical Joy for Hard Times
9/30/15    How Mandela Fought the Prisoner’s Worst Enemy
9/23/15    Art Makes MRIs a Little Less Visible
9/16/15    Beneath Their Hearts
9/9/15      When the Place You Love Is Under Assault
9/2/15      Where Are the Earth’s Real Jewels?
8/26/15    Ceremony for a Tarnished River
8/19/15    Firecloud: Confronting Grief for a Thirsty Land
8/12/15    Acts of Kindness from Strangers
8/5/15      Amy Livingstone: Painting the Indigenous in Monotheism
7/29/15    Attitudes of Young People Changing the World
7/15/15    Who Loves Nature More?
7/8/15      Apologies to Blue Orchids
7/1/15      Singing Birds, Not Iron Birds, for Ukraine
6/24/15    Wise Words from a Young Boy
6/17/15    A RadJoy Pony for a Horse Farm in Mourning
6/10/15    Orchids Survive Telecom Bulldozing
6/3/15      Making Magic of Reviled Weeds
5/27/15    Where Is Joy on the Pyramid of Needs?
5/20/15    The Quilting of Grief
5/13/15    Tough as Lilies of the Valley
5/6/15      Now Transmitting Beauty
4/29/15    Apologies to the Redwoods
4/22/15    Joy Instead
4/15/15    The Trees Have Something to Say
4/8/15      Beauty in the Roof of a Car
4/1/15      Those Who Take Care of Waste
3/25/15    Escalate Non-VIolence
3/18/15    So Then What?
3/11/15    Pictograms for Lost Villages
3/4/15      Adults Can Play, Too
2/25/15    Tapestry of Grief and Healing
2/18/15    Releasing a Place from Imprisonment
2/11/15    Graveyard to Garden
2/4/15      How Beauty Turns to Love
1/28/15    Empty Spaces Turned to Art
1/21/15    Kneaded (Proud and Strengthened)
1/14/15    “The ash tree now comes in!”
1/7/15      Meet a Radical Conservative


12/31/14  Breathe Out Joy
12/24/14  How an Ugly Christmas Tree Got Loved to Beauty
12/17/14  Container and Movement—A Ceremony
12/10/14  The Seed of Radical Joy for Hard Times
12/3/14    Meet the Olinguito
11/26/14  This Tree Is Birds
11/19/14  Raspberries. Drought.
11/12/14  Offerings on a Cinderblock Altar
11/5/14    A New Image of Earth?
10/29/14  A Tender, Unpredictable Relationship
10/22/14  “Touchstones for Inspiration
10/15/14  “Look at the Dark and Ask”
10/8/14    A Little Green in a Sad Place
10/1/14    The Beauty of Imperfection
9/24/14    Intimate, Extraordinary, Necessary
9/17/14    Plastic Cloud on Sacred River
9/10/14    Finding Pearls in the Dirt
9/3/14      Resilience, Too
8/27/14    Breakage, Beauty, Tears
8/2014     Ugly Becomes Loved
8/13/14    Heroes and Heroines for the Future
8/6/14      Beauty for Wounded Nations
7/30/14    What the Norns Know
7/23/14    The Other Kind of Beauty
7/16/14    RadJoy Take-out Box Bird
7/9/14      Through the Cracks of a Broken Heart
7/2/14      For the River Called “Liquid Typhoid”
6/25/14    Picnic on the Gas
6/18/14    Partners with Beauty
6/11/14    5 Steps to Falling in Love in an Unlikely Place
6/4/14      Daring and Beauty in the Train Station
5/28/14    5 Tips for Making Beauty in a Wounded Place
5/21/14    As If the Light Didn’t Care
5/14/14    A Gift for a Sick Friend
5/7/14      When a Wounded Place Is Off Limits
4/30/14    I See the Place Transformed
4/23/14    Through the Broken Places
4/16/14    Being Truly Healthy Humans
4/9/14      This Picture Was Not Photoshopped
4/2/14      Dance of the Mergansers
3/26/14    An Exchange in a Wounded Place
3/19/14    In Bali the Forest Weeps
3/12/14    Walking the Path of the Tornado
3/5/14      Thought-tool #3
2/26/14    A Gift for Sea Turtles