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Visual walk through on how to Log In from Password Setup email

RadJoy Host Login


This means that there was a problem creating your username. Please contact us to get this resolved.

After checking your Spam folder you can confirm the email address you submitted to us by looking again at the Next Steps page. If that doesn’t work, then you can either register again or contact us to send you another Password Setup email.

If when you click the link in the Password Setup email it does not take you to the page to set a password, then likely that link was used already and is invalid or the link has expired. You will need to request a new Password Setup email by contacting us.

Once you log in to your Host account, you will be able to update your password at any time by going to your Host Profile page.

If you can’t find the solution to your question or issue, please let us know and submit a Support Request form so that we can help.

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Host Accounts

We offer a individuals private member access as Hosts when they register. We offer Host newsletters and the ability to manage Earth Exchange Events & Stories that Hosts will author and help manage. We ask for basic information from Hosts to join. We additionally ask the Host to provide detailed information about their events and preparations. This includes images and narratives about their event and any Stories told about the Exchange Events hosted.