The River is Us

Delaware Riverbank at Washington Crossing Park NJ
June 22, 2019
12:00 PM



Joy Kreves


Industry & Development, Oceans + Lakes + Rivers, Waste

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Event Inspiration

The Delaware River looks beautiful and pristine when you don’t know.  Our drinking water, like for so many people, comes from the Delaware Watershed.  The past few years, we keep getting letters that our water contains certain chemicals that it shouldn’t, and we wonder if our filters get those things out.  Then I saw a news article that several companies have been unlawfully dumping toxic chemicals into the river.  We are worried about the health of the river and of ourselves.  Of course we are but  river bodies in another form ourselves, and an unhealthy river means unhealthy people. Ongoing attempts by Penn East to build a gas pipeline through this area are another category of threats to pure water in the Delaware River.  The current administration is doing everything it can to weaken environmental and water quality laws.  We will honor the river and make a gift to let her know we are grateful for her continual gifts to the area.




Off the beaten path


Patriots Crossing Tavern & Wine Shop, River Road, Titusville, NJ, USA




This is a Private event.

Special Notes & Instructions

Park in one of the lots on River Drive that is closest to the little bridge at the end of Washington Crossing Park just before Titusville.  We will meet there at 2pm, and walk down to the water.  Watch out for lots of poison ivy, and wear tick protection!

Event Location: At the riverbank across from the parking lot on River Drive, that is just south of the Titusville riverfront homes.

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