Reweaving the World: Healing and Renewal in Troubled Times

Loving Earth Sanctuary
May 4, 2019
10:00 AM



Lara Lwin Treadaway


Loving Earth Sanctuary


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A Rewilding Retreat to Reclaim our Ancestral Ways, Cultivate Courage and Resilience,

and Remember Our Unique Life Song in these Deeply Troubled Times

May 4-5, 2019 / Loving Earth Sanctuary, nr. Lockwood, CA

This weekend retreat took place at Loving Earth Sanctuary, a beautiful 40 acre property in the foothills of the Santa Lucia mountains. Structured around deep ecologist Joanna Macy’s framework of The Work That Reconnects, we laid a foundation of gratitude and beauty through the sharing of song, myth and poetry and reclaiming our old ways of being together and on the land. We engaged the transformative power of communal ritual to honor our sorrows and losses, transmuted our grief for the world into creative re-engagement, and wove our unique gifts into a shared song of renewed commitment to care for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. The land at Loving Earth Sanctuary has suffered many wounds since the effects of colonization on the native Salinans and their sacred lifeways. Since the loss of the original native stewards of these ancestral lands who had managed and maintained the natural fire-cycles here for thousands of years, the land has lost its carefully cultivated abundance of the past and become overgrown with certain plants. With the introduction of non-native grasses and thistles and cattle choking out the perennial native grasses over many generations, many of the springs and creeks have since dried up and the land is thirsty now for much of the year. The condors, elk, and grizzly bear that once roamed these hills are also long gone. This gathering was dedicated to acknowledging and honoring the wounds of this land, and of the world, and of our own broken open hearts in these deeply troubled times through ritual offerings of beauty, praise, and belonging. Together we learned the ancient art of spinning yarn and worked with native plants to dye our sacredly harvested *wool. We made grief bundles from the land to tell of our stories of loss and longing, learned the ancestral skill of awakening fire from friction, gifted our sacred grief bundles to the fire, and called in our visions for the healing of our world. We explored ways to remember and bring forward our unique life song in these challenging times by singing to each other as we each wove threads of grief and gratitude into a communal tapestry that will continue to be woven with the stories and songs of others at future gatherings. Golden threads of inspiration were also added to our tapestry to guide us through these dark times, unwound from a ball of hand spun, hand dyed yarn which had been gifted to us by Trebbe Johnson, founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times. In the days afterwards Black Sage and Yerba Santa were harvested from the land to be woven together with wild flowers from our earth grief shrine into sacred bundles. A pomegranate tree was gifted to the land in gratitude for having held and heard our stories and songs. More golden threads were tied around the bundles and wrapped around the roots of the tree. Altar flowers were laid around the base of the tree. Water from the water shrine that had been potentized and blessed through the weekend was ritually offered along with ash from the ceremonial fire. This pomegranate tree will stand as a symbol of the beauty that can be made when our wounded hearts and open hands come together in sacred ways to express grief and gratitude to our wounded world. Prayers for healing and renewal, and for all life – past, present, and future – were offered to the evergreen leaves of the pomegranate tree and to the unborn seeds of fire that are her fruit, to be sent out for the healing of our world. * We worked with sustainably sourced Churro wool from Diné (Navajo) sheep-herders on Black Mesa. Working with this precious yarn honors this heritage breed of sheep, supports this ancient practice, and helps the Diné people to remain on their ancestral lands and continue their traditional ways. LOCATION The community at Loving Earth Sanctuary are committed to non-violently resisting the exploitative, consumption-driven systems upon which modern society subsists by modeling an electricity-and-fossil-fuel-free lifestyle. They provide educational opportunities and internships to those looking to get hands on experience living with the land, tend a kitchen garden and food forest, and offer a space for gatherings centered around grief/healing work, ancestral skills, land-based living, earth-based spirituality, and permaculture. FACILITATOR Lara Lwin Treadaway facilitates healing in community weaving transformative group process, council practice, earth connection, ancestral arts, storytelling, poetry, and song to cultivate creativity, courage and inspiration in these troubled times. She is passionate about holding circles of beauty, meaning, and truth-telling, and believes that communal ritual and ceremony, ancestral reconnection, sacred grief work, and the creative healing arts are pathways to restoring deep belonging within ourselves, between each other, and with the more-then-human-world. GUEST TEACHER Kate Jaffe is a sheep shearer, weaver, and wilderness educator living in Santa Cruz, California. She is inspired in each moment of the fiber making process – by both the story and the texture. She is passionate about the powerful act of weaving together ancient tradition and modern relationship to place, lineage, and each-other through the art of textiles. Kate will be sharing stories about the history of spinning and weaving, and teaching the ancient crafts of spinning on the drop spindle with sacredly harvested wool, and traditional weaving techniques. GUEST TEACHER Gloria  Wilson is a poet and a deep lover of the natural world and utilizes ancestral skills to bring her closer to the divine. She lives part-time at Loving Earth Sanctuary the land-based living project centered around radical simplicity that is hosting this gathering. Gloria will be teaching the ancient art of making fire from friction, working with the power of native plants to awaken flames for our ceremonial fire. She will also be teaching the traditional practice of using native dyes, including black walnut and acorn, to dye the yarn for our community weaving. MORE INFORMATION & REGISTER




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