Honoring Hahdkus/Salish Sea

Point No Point Lighthouse
June 22, 2019
1:00 PM



TreeShee McGarrity


In Solidarity With Sedna


Animals + Birds + Insects, Climate change, Historic & Cultural Sites, Oceans + Lakes + Rivers

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Event Inspiration

  • We will be honoring the Salish Sea, and the northern most point on the Kitsap Peninsula known by the S’Kallam, Chimakum, and Skokomish people as Hahdkus, which means ‘long nose’.
Hahdkus, the sacred home land that became a beach of tears when the treaty of Point No Point, 1855 was signed, relinquishing all land ownership, and tribal rights of Washington tribes that forever changed the lives of the indigenous people all throughout Kitsap, and Olympic peninsula. This beach is a frequent viewing site for the J-Pod Southern residents who live in the Salish Sea. We will be calling attention to the wellness of these deep waters, and all of the marine life who dwell within. We will celebrate the birth of the new orca calf, but always remember Tahlequa and her 17 day grief swim with her baby who died from malnutrition.




At a specific address


{47.912206622573876,-122.52669541454162} event.

Special Notes & Instructions

Come as you are:)

We will meet at the light house. Once our group has assembled we will walk to the beach, and begin creating the flower of life mandala to call in the divine love. We will Honor the ancestors of the land with spoken words, song, dance, and drumming.

-Please bring a poem/story to share

-nutritious snacks to share if you feel called to.

-Dress weather appropriate with hat,  sunglasses, and sunscreen, etc.

-bring blanket, or beach chair

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