Radical Joy for the SW Calgary Ring Road Construction

Fish Creek Provincial Park (Shannon Terrace Day Use Parking Area), Calgary, Alberta
June 23, 2019
3:00 PM



Laura Keeth-Rowledge & Diana Izard


Calgary Eco-Grief Support Circle & Bumbleberry Wellness (Co-Hosting)


Animals + Birds + Insects, Historic & Cultural Sites, Industry & Development

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Event Inspiration

The history of the Calgary SW Ring Road is long and fraught with conflict. As it is now nearing completion, and the devastation to the surrounding ecosystems is reaching it fullest expression, we gather to honour the beauty that once graced this natural area. Many Calgarians have personal relationships with the areas known as the Weaselhead Flats Park and Fish Creek Provincial Park, seeking them out for moments of peace, fun, and healing from the rigours of living in an urban environment. The prospect of having a massive freeway roaring through these precious areas has generated much grief and sadness. We hope, through our observance, to acknowledge these losses, honour them with our actions, and perhaps bring a small amount of healing to the land and to our hearts.




Near a known address


13931 Woodpath Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2W 5R4, Canada




This is a Public event.

Special Notes & Instructions

NOTE: This event will take place on Sunday, June 23 at 3PM.

We will meet at the first parking lot on the way to the Shannon Terrace Day Use area followed by a 10 minute walk* to the site of the Ring Road Construction. There will be an opportunity to share stories about the place, explore it as it is now and reconvene as a group to create an act of beauty.

* please wear suitable shoes for walking, the route includes a short section of narrow grass pathway and there is gravel at the construction site. Alternate arrangements can be made for anyone with mobility issues, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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