Along the shore of the Sandy River near Portland Oregon
June 22, 2019
12:00 PM



Judy Todd


NatureConnect NW Council & Friends


Animals + Birds + Insects, Climate change, Historic & Cultural Sites, Oceans + Lakes + Rivers, Other, Plants, Trees

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Event Inspiration

This 1,000 acres natural area is loved and visited by people throughout the larger Portland metropolitan area. Here people can picnic, hike, fish, wade, skip stones, camp and view birds, deer, and even bear tracks in its many accessible areas. It’s so well loved. Which means it has to constantly recover from us and our many uses, and from warming summers and waters, less seasonal rain, more pollution and generally the impacts of climate changes with global warming. Do we show our gratitude? How might that look, or sound, or feel to this special place? Like all communities, this forest community of place and kin is also challenged by the times. We gather there on Saturday to be present to all it has given, and to share our stories of this and so many other places we have known that have made our lives richer, healthier and more beautiful. We come and we remember we owe such places our very lives.




At a specific address


Oxbow Regional Park, Southeast Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, OR, USA event.

Special Notes & Instructions

Join us Saturday from 12 noon to 2pm at Oxbow Regional Park.
Meet at the Boat Ramp beach. Look for the NatureConnect NW Animal Prayer Flags.
No RSVP needed! For more details, see our webpage at NatureConnect NW.