Cape San Blas (St Jospeh State Park) Florida
June 22, 2019
12:00 PM



Michael Beck


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When Hurricane Michael came ashore just south of Panama City, Florida a little over 6 months ago it was initially rated as a powerful Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Last month, April , the National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed post-storm analysis and raised the landfall intensity to between 140 and 160 mph, a Category 5. At the cost of 16 human lives and an estimated $25 billion Hurricane Michael was only the second storm this powerful to make landfall in the United States since 1992 when Hurricane Andrew crossed the southern most tip of Florida.

About 16 miles south of ground zero from the death and unimaginable damage to property and infratructure of  October  10, 2018 is a narrow one mile wide and seven mile long strip of land that sticks its chin out into the Guif of Mexico—Cape San Blas. This isolated fishhook-shaped barb of land has long been protected from typical Florida coastal overdevelopment by the existence of T.H. Stone Memorial St Joseph Peninsula State Park whose entrance and campgrounds formed a barrier at the end of State Road 30E, forming an entrance to the wilderness beyond.

The fury of Hurricane Michael submerged much of the narrow strip of land that the state park occupied.The storm surge destroyed the narrow land bridge that connected the lightly inhabited portion of Cape San Blas’ retirement community to the park creating a brand new island.  The cape and its feel of a bygone era with 100 ft tall pristine sand dunes that could be enjoyed any time of year in solitude have been forever altered. Those wishing to join me in binding the earth with love and attention can join me at the end of asphalt on Cape San Blas Rd (aka Hwy 30E.)




Near a known address


Road washed out, near end of pavement State Rd 30E


8899 Cape San Blas Rd, Port St. Joe, FL 32456, USA


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