Wisconsin Point Beach Lot #1
June 22, 2019
2:00 PM



Sheila Coughlin




Industry & Development, Mineral extraction, Oceans + Lakes + Rivers, Other, Waste

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Event Inspiration

Nature Art Exploration, a blog focused on reconnecting through nature, art, and culture, is hosting a Lake Superior Earth Exchange on the shores of Gichi-gami on June 22nd, 2019. Please join us in taking part of the 2019 Global Earth Exchange held world-wide by Radical Joy for Hard Times as we sit with our friend, Lake Superior, and explore our connection to this AMAZING body of water joining together as people around the world on this very same day boldly express love for special places that have fallen on hard times.

LET’S MAKE ART! Let’s make a creative expression that speaks our BIG LOVE FOR OUR BIG LAKE. Lake Superior has heard of the looming threat of copper-nickel mining, and this talk of this proposed disregard is damaging to our friend. She is also recovering from the April 2018 Husky Refinery disaster. Let’s remind her that we LOVE her with our gift of beauty! Know this is not a protest. It is a place for people to express themselves freely without judgement. It is a place for creativity. It is a place for making beauty.




At a specific address


Wisconsin Point Lot # 1, Wisconsin Point Road, Superior, WI, USA event.

Special Notes & Instructions

People will meet at Wisconsin Point Beach accessed by Lot #1, in Superior, Wisconsin. We will meet directly in front of the lot at 2:00 p.m. before finding a place to set up. For those who may come later, look for the driftwood pole with a tie dye cloth attached. We will share time together with introductions, stories of our special connection to Lake Superior, and the way we feel about the toxic, copper-nickel mining which poses a threat to Lake Superior. Some people may wish to share their concerns from the Husky Refinery disaster. After a period of sharing, we will break from the group to quietly reflect and connect to this place as we find it today collecting found objects that speak to us.

We will then return to the circle for another round of sharing and close by making a spontaneous gift of beauty to Lake Superior as a group effort. This gift comes from the heart. The way we give and express our gratitude and connection to our friend, Lake Superior, will be unique to our group and the found objects collected during our time apart from the group and during the time of it’s creation. A picture of our gift will be taken and displayed on the Radical Joy for Hard Times and Nature Art Exploration website sharing our group’s Lake Superior Earth Exchange.

Special Notes:

  • Feel free to bring a poem, song, or other artistic expression to share focused on the topic of water and/or a creative expression to share with the lake and those who attend.
  • Please bring your own water. Food will not be made available at the event. To be considerate of people with allergies, we ask that you eat prior to the event.
  • Nature Art Exploration does not assume any type of responsibility for participants involved. This is an adult event. You are responsible for your own safety. Please take care and caution during your period of exploration on the shores of Lake Superior. Gichi-gami is a powerful body of water. Please, respect that.
  • If for some reason the beach is closed due to water concerns, the event will be cancelled. Here is the Wisconsin Beach Health page which will give you the most updated advisories for Wisconsin Point Lot #1.