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What’s in the Dirt?

I have lived in this new townhome development since last October, 2020. Since it's a community still under construction, I have borne witness to how devastating a construction zone can be on the surrounding environment. [...]

Peace at Piscataway Park

We were surrounded by dragonflies, cicadas, and the sweet smells of pollinating plants as we wandered through the tree-shaded trails of Piscataway Park. As always, the water drew us. The shoreline was scattered with driftwood [...]

Sand dune healing

The exchange was enacted at a place where vehicles have torn up the landscape, destroying stability and biodiversity for military practice. Giving the gift of the colour organge for healing trauma, I created a mandala [...]

Earth Listening ~ Earth Sandwich

Members of the Deep Adaptation Earth Listening Circle, who live around the world and meet weekly on Zoom, created an "Earth Sandwich" together. The idea is that people in different places on the globe are [...]

Beauty in the Marsh

I love to walk in the Apalachin Marsh near my home. The trail itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but the trees are very special to me. They are huge and old, stately and [...]

love over time

We had to cut a tree whose root ball had shifted during a microburst, leaving the crown of this white pine leaning toward our bedroom. We left twelve feet of tree with the idea to [...]

in wildness we trust

aware that our waters are threatened by acidification, climate change, careless dumping of toxins and runoff from fertilizers I offered a blessing...that we as humans remember our place on earth, as stewards and earth keepers. [...]

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