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Trebbe wrote an article “You Are Now Entering the Environment” in the 2018 Winter Issue of Minding Nature.

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“Several years ago The New Yorker published a cartoon that showed two people in a car turning their heads in bewilderment toward a roadside sign that reads: “You are now entering the environment…”

Read the full article at the Center for Humans & Nature website.

Media Information

WHO: Trebbe Johnson
TITLE: You Are Now Entering the Environment
SOURCE: Minding Nature
DATE: January 1, 2018

LINK: Visit Media URL

TAG: Nature & Ecology, 2018


  • Megiddo Henderson

Gifts in the Promised Land

The Jordan River, a geographical icon of religion, song, promise, and African American history, is, in truth, a wounded river. Trebbe Johnson was part of a pilgrimage to explore the wounds of the river and its people and bring ceremony and new life.—Trebbe-Johnson.pdf