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In this excerpt from her book, Radical Joy for Hard Times, Trebbe explores the reluctance of so many people to admit their grief when the places and species they care about are destroyed.

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WHO: Trebbe Johnson
TITLE: Who Gets to Cry
SOURCE: Daily Good
DATE: April 1, 2019

LINK: Visit Media URL

MEDIA TYPE: Book Excerpt
TAG: Radical Joy for Hard Times book, Trebbe Johnson, ecological grief, environmental grief, grief, sadness


  • Megiddo Henderson

Gifts in the Promised Land

The Jordan River, a geographical icon of religion, song, promise, and African American history, is, in truth, a wounded river. Trebbe Johnson was part of a pilgrimage to explore the wounds of the river and its people and bring ceremony and new life. https://radicaljoy.org/wp-content/uploads/Gifts-in-the-Promised-Land—Trebbe-Johnson.pdf