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A Radical Joy for Hard Times event bridges the communities who lost homes and lands in the building of a reservoir that supplies some of the cleanest water in the world to New York City.

Media Information

WHO: Violet Snow
TITLE: A Century Later, New York Activists Honor the Descendants of Those Displaced by Ashokan Reservoir
SOURCE: Woodstock Times (reprinted in In These Times)
DATE: November 9, 2017

LINK: Visit Media URL

TAG: Ashokan Reservoir, New York City water, Raise a Glass to the Catskills

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  • 10 VS: Jim Peppler


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Orion Magazine Showcases Trebbe’s Book

The award-winning nature magazine, Orion, features an excerpt from Trebbe Johnson's book, Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty in Earth's Broken Places, along with links to Trebbe's Orion articles and webinar.


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