We are looking for new Board Members in 2022!

Interested in serving on the Radical Joy for Hard Times Board of Directors (aka the RadJoy Band)?

If so, we look forward to learning more about how you might contribute to our vision and mission and how being a bigger part of our work can enhance your life.

First, please read important information below to be sure that this is a step you really wish to take. If you decide yes, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and submit it by January 21, 2022.

After we have read your response, we may wish to have a longer conversation with you, at which time we’ll contact you to set up a Zoom call.

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Thank you again for finding and making beauty for the Earth’s hurt places.

Learn About the Board

What is the Radical Joy for Hard Times Band?

The Band is the unofficial name for the Board of Directors of Radical Joy for Hard Times, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania in April 2009. The RadJoy Band is a group of 4-8 people called to support the vision of the organization:

We envision a planet where people and wounded places are reconciled through acceptance, compassion, and acts of beauty, so no part of the Earth is alienated from those who have loved it.

Members of the Band are dedicated to supporting and furthering the mission of the organization:

We believe that creating a sustainable, thriving future on Earth depends upon opening our hearts to the natural world in its brokenness as well as its splendor. When the places and species we love are under assault, we humans hurt, too. Our mission is to give people the opportunity to deeply connect with natural places that have been damaged through human or natural acts. Spending time in wounded places, we expose our hearts to difficult feelings of loss and guilt; listen to the land and to one another; and open ourselves to possibilities for finding and creating beauty there. In this way we recognize that all of nature is part of the cycle of life and embark on a path of passionate activism based on acceptance, love, and creativity.

As an organization, we believe in treating one another with the same respect and care as we treat the Earth. To that end, we are conscientious about following the RadJoy Guidelines provided below.

What we’re looking for in a Band member entering the organization in 2022:

We’re looking for people who can devote 3 or more hours a month to help foster our vision, mission, and goals. An hour or two or that time will be spent in our monthly Zoom call. You’ll spend the rest of it serving in a way that feels right for you, such as leading programs, fundraising, doing administrative work, designing our graphics, editing, etc. In 2022, we’d love to find people interested in one of the following:

  1. Keeping us up to date with social media
  2. Developing a program for youth
  3. Advising on fundraising
  4. Connecting RadJoy with potential partners and others who would be interested in our work
  5. Administrative work (e.g. keeping the database updated)

How does the Band work together?

We meet for 1.5 hours each month at a day and time that works for everyone. As we have proved recently when one person is in Hawaii and another is in France, there is always a way to make it work, no matter where you live! We often share emails back and forth and work together on Google Drive when we are hammering together the details of a particular project. Once a year we meet for two-three days for our annual meeting.

What are the responsibilities of the Band as a whole?

  • Attending the monthly call on Zoom
  • Attending the annual meeting (in person when possible, on Zoom if not. We can help out with travel expenses if requested.)
  • Advising the director about RadJoy projects
  • Approving (or not) expenditures of more than $2,000
  • Participating in the annual Global Earth Exchange and any other special events

How long do Band Members serve?

Each person serves a three-year term and is eligible to renew that term once.

What are the benefits of becoming a RadJoy Band member?

  • To give back some of what you’ve received
  • To steward a pioneering educational/artistic/environmental network into global consciousness
  • To be part of an organization committed to living its mission not only in its work but in the way we work together
  • To heal yourself. To discover how opening up to grief about the loss of loved places guides and informs us in coping with grief in other aspects of our lives
  • To explore innovative ways of using creativity, community resources, and compassion to cope with painful losses in loved places
  • To experience how RadJoy practices help you to cope with personal hard times in your life
  • To remember in many ways that you are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of you

The RadJoy Organizational Guidelines

Learn more about our intentions and operations

The following intentions guide the organizational operation of Radical Joy for Hard times:

  • We seek to act from a place of deep listening to ourselves, each other, and the Earth. This includes regular council practice within the operation of the organization.
  • We pledge to not to turn away from the wounded places in ourselves, one another, and the Earth.
  • We endeavor to bring careful listening and beauty to these wounded places as we encounter them, knowing that beauty includes our authentic response and may not always “look pretty.” In this process, we seek artistry.
  • We strive to operate in our daily functioning in accordance with a new world view in alignment with the Great Turning and a life-sustaining society such that we:
    • Start from a place of gratitude
    • Honor people’s unique gifts and contributions
    • Engender a diversity of thought and experience
    • Value quality over unlimited growth
    • Act with great intention and attention
    • Are accountable for our intentions and our impact on one another
    • Avoid personal burnout and rat race mentality
    • Bring a spirit of collaboration instead of competition
    • Reach out to one another instead of acting in isolation
    • Explore radical inclusion – honoring the basic goodness of all of life, including when involving groups whose actions we disagree with
    • Avoid practices of shame and aggression while working for a more aware and life-sustaining society
    • Insure that our materials (paper, flags, t-shirts, etc) are fair to the Earth and to people
  • When we falter from these intentions, we agree to bring kindness to ourselves and one another as bring ourselves back on course.

Interested in Joining the Band?

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